Welcome to our Preceptor eLearning Course. The course is designed to provide comprehensive information and support for our preceptors (also referred to as Agency Field Instructors and Clinical Educators).

Preceptors are vital to a successful practicum and students often say this relationship has the most impact on their practice learning. Here are what some students have said about having a preceptor:

  • “ My preceptor was amazing.  He was very knowledgeable and willing to share.  He was also great at giving me the opportunity to do things on my own and providing support whenever I needed help.”
  • “…she was more than willing to share her practical experience and personal wisdom.  When I was asked who most affected my practice learning she will be named number one!”
  • “…very professional, high standards and great insight…and a great role model”
  • “…energetic, passionate, high capacity for critical thought, supportive, understanding and encouraging”

Preceptors have said they feel reinvigorated by teaching students and new energy is created by these relationships. Placements are structured as per profession specific accreditation standards but there is also enough flexibility to capture the uniqueness of the particular work and clients/patients at the sites. This course aims to augment practice learning experiences for both student and preceptor. For many of you the concepts presented in the modules may be a refresher, for others it will be new learning but there should be something in it for everyone. Lets begin!