What do preceptors do?

They instruct and develop capabilities by:

  • Guiding students in identifying and locating resources¬† (e.g., sources of information such as books, journals, other members of the clinical team).
  • Providing an example of best practice in the discipline.
  • Demonstrating an inquiring attitude and being seekers of new knowledge.
  • Exposing students to the ‘big picture’ of the organization and of professional practice in the community of care where learning opportunities occur.
  • Helping students engage in formative evaluation and refocus as required.

They inspire by:

  • Leading by example.
  • Introducing the student to colleagues who inspire them.
  • Being aware of unique opportunities within the agency/organization that may provide inspiration to the student and facilitate the student’s availability to participate.
  • Setting the bar of performance beyond the merely acceptable. [1]

[1] College of Southern Idaho Health Sciences and Human Services Paramedic Program. (n.d.). A Guide to Preceptorship. Available online at: http://hshs.csi.edu/paramedic/PDF/preceptorship.pdf