Facilitate engagement

You can facilitate learner engagement by…

Taking time to find out about your students

  • What skills and experience are they bringing to the learning environment that are, either directly related or transferable?
  • Is this educational program a career change?
  • What has led them to this point?

Finding out about their motivation

  • What interests this person most about the discipline they have chosen to study?
  • What aspect of it engages them the most?
  • What do they most want to learn?
  • What information or experiences can you provide that would meet these learning goals?

Designing educational goals to meet their needs

  • Offer opportunities to acquire information and develop skills that build upon based upon their identified needs

Using this approach will not only make for a more effective and productive learning experience, it should also draw on the learner’s motivation for being there, and encourage more interest, enthusiasm and engagement. [1]

[1] Lieb, S. (1991). Principles of adult learning. Available online: