What to find out about your student

scan-mod1Here are some top things to find out about your student before embarking on a preceptor experience:

  1. Her learning style.
  2. His preferences around feedback.
  3. Her current level of skill and experience.
  4. His personal learning goals for this placement.
  5. Any special needs she has.
  6. What he expects from supervision.
  7. The academic requirements of her program.
  8. What supports are available at his educational institution for both preceptors and students?
  9. Who your main contact person is at the school and how to reach them.
  10. Why she has chosen to enter this profession. [1]

Obtaining the above information will help you collaborate with your student to create a productive and successful placement experience for you both. It will also help to establish rapport, begin a dialogue between you that should continue throughout your work together, and provide a foundation for other important conversations you will regularly have, such as feedback. The main point is that the better you know your student, and the more time you invest at the start of the placement in discovering who she is and how you can work best together, the easier the rest of your time together will be. As you will see below, building rapport and trust with your student is an extremely worthwhile investment, and an essential part of the preceptor experience.

Click here to open up a printer-friendly PDF of questions to ask your student at the beginning of a preceptorship.

[1] Alberta Heath Services. (n.d.). Preparing to be a Preceptor. 1-58. Available online at: http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/hr-student-hca-preceptor-handbook.pdf