1.4 Set clear and relevant goals

mod1-goalsAnother important piece of the introduction to a placement is the identification of goals and objectives, which should come from you, the student, and the educational program. Some programs have a predetermined set of goals that students must achieve, and formal mechanisms to assess progress (such as mid-term and final evaluations); others require students and preceptors to create a tailor-made learning contract. In either case, it is important to establish a framework to follow for your time together, including:

  • Program requirements
  • Student goals
  • What you hope the student will learn
  • How achievement of these goals will be measured/established
  • A detailed timeframe
  • A schedule for meeting to review/update goals [1]

[1] MAHEC Office of Regional Primary Care Education. Setting Expectations: An Educational Monograph for Community-Based Teachers. 1-25. Available online: https://portal.utpa.edu/portal/page/portal/utpa_main/daa_home/hshs_home/pasp_home/pasp_preceptors/preceptors_files/Setting%20Expectations.pdf