Review Exercise – A Preceptor’s Checklist

Review the checklist below of tasks to complete during your role as a preceptor. Open and print out this PDF version of the checklist so you can use it on-the-job.

Before the Learner Arrives

  • Review the course objectives and evaluation form.
  • Identify your own expectations as a preceptor.
  • Solicit staff help in orienting your student.
  • Set time(s) to meet with your student.

As the Learner Arrives

  • Orient your student to the practice, community, and their rotation.
  • Assess your student’s level and background.
  • Meet with your student to discuss school, their and your expectations for the rotation.
  • Agree on 5-7 rotation objectives.
  • Communicate with other staff members the student’s objectives so that they can include them in discussions about relevant cases.

During the Rotation

  • Refer to expectations and rotation objectives as you provide learner feedback on cases presented, during daily de-briefing and evaluation sessions.
  • Connect with staff to ensure that your student has had the opportunity to discuss relevant cases with them.

At the End of the Rotation

  • Refer to expectations and rotations objectives as you review your student’s evaluation with them.
  • Collect feedback and note any changes needed for your student to increase the likelihood of successful future rotations. [1]

[1] MAHEC Office of Regional Primary care Education’s “Setting Expectations: An Educational Monograph for Community-Based Teachers”