4.1 Discover the types of learning needs that students face

mod4-student-thinkingWhat are learning needs and why do I need to know about them?

Learning needs can be categorized as either perceived or real. Students and instructors may have perceived needs about attitudes and skills that a student is expected to learn. Real learning needs are those that have been determined by the course syllabus, school, or licensing organization.

There can be a mismatch in learning needs between students and instructors or schools/institutions. Understanding that learning needs can be interpreted differently by various individuals and organizations can assist instructors to understand some of the challenges that may interfere with students’ learning. Learning supports and strategies contained in this module can facilitate students to fulfill their learning needs. [1]

[1] UBC, Faculty of Medicine. Teaching skills for community based preceptors. Available online: http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/facdev/documents/TeachingSkillsCommunityBasedPreceptors.pdf