3.2 Understand the function of feedback in the learning environment

What is feedback?

mod3-feedback“All definitions suggest that feedback is an interactive process which aims to provide learners with insight into their performance.” (Clynes   and Rafferty, 2008)

The above statement is useful as it embodies two essential elements of feedback: it should be interactive, meaning that students should be invited to participate in the process (through self-reflection, self- evaluation and discussion), and its goal should be to encourage learners to think critically about their practice. Feedback is information based on observation given to students with the goal of helping them to improve their clinical abilities.

Clynes, M.P., & Raftery, S.E.C. (2008). Feedback: an essential element of student learning in clinical practice. Nurse education in practice, 8, 6, pp. 405-411.