3.3 Build a relationship that is conducive to effective feedback and evaluation

mod3-relationshipResearch reflects that the relationship between preceptors and students greatly impacts the quality of supervision that can be achieved. The more comfortable a student is with her supervisor, the more likely she is to be open about sharing both positive and more challenging experiences, thus providing more opportunities to learn and grow her professional skill set. Creating an open, empathic and respectful relationship can facilitate an environment conducive to effective feedback, both positive and constructive. Laying the groundwork for a strong supervisory relationship will make the sometimes challenging processes of feedback and evaluation easier for both student and preceptor. [1]

[1] Clynes, M.P., & Raftery, S.E.C. (2008). Feedback: an essential element of student learning in clinical practice. Nurse Education in Practice, 8, 6, 405-411. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2008.02.003