Maintain a respectful and gentle tone

Feedback, particularly constructive feedback, can be delivered in a kind, positive manner, without compromising the message that needs to be conveyed [1]. Keep in mind…

  • The tone of voice and approach are essential to offering feedback in a supportive way;
  • Before offering constructive criticism, take a moment to reflect on what needs to be said and the best way in which to say it;
  • Be aware of anger or irritation that you may have around the student’s behavior – try to deliver the message in a calm, kind way;
  • Deliver your message with patience
  • Remember that the intention of the feedback is to enhance student learning and improve practice;
  • Reflect on your own learning process on the road to your current skill and experience level; mistakes are a part of the journey;
  • Be careful that irritation does not slip into your tone of voice – this can happen without having realized it.

[1] Ende, J. (1983). Feedback in clinical medical education. Journal of American Medical Association, 250(6), 777-781. doi:10.1001/jama.1983.03340060055026