2.2 Identify characteristics of effective teachers

mod2-teacherGiven its practical nature, the following points can be helpful to inform effective clinical teaching [1]:

  • Learning is evolutionary
  • Participation, repetition and reinforcement enhance learning
  • Using a variety of learning activities increases interest and readiness to learn
  • Readiness to learn, and Immediate use of information and skills, enhances retention

Effective Teacher Characteristics

Burns et. al (2006) describes characteristics that students found particularly helpful in their preceptors, and these included:

  • Empathy – the power of understanding another person’s feelings
  • Warmth – a feeling of affection or cordiality
  • Respect – polite or kind regard; consideration for others
  • Humour – the ability to perceive what is amusing or comical
  • Flexibility – adaptable (to a given setting or situation)
  • Fairness – free from discrimination, dishonesty; just or impartial
  • Enthusiasm – keen interest
  • Consistency – act in a even or uniform manner (attitudes, behaviour, practice)
  • Dependability – steadfast or trustworthy [2]

[1] Burns, C., Beauchesne, M., Ryan-Krause, P., & Sawin, K. (2006). Mastering the Preceptor Role: Challenges of Clinical Teaching. Journal of Pediatric Health Care 20(3), 172-183. doi:10.1016/j.pedhc.2005.10.012
[2] Source: dictionary.com. Available online at: http://dictionary.reference.com/