2.4 Understand intergenerational issues for learners and instructors

mod2-adultlearnersThe workforce today is composed of individuals who were born between the 1950’s and 1990’s which creates a group of individuals that are of wide-varying ages. Research surrounding generational differences in the workforce reflects that these age differences are potential sources of conflict and misunderstanding.

As times change, so do cultures and values, and co-workers from differing generations may have widely varying value systems in relation to professionalism, learning styles, understanding of culture and politics, and social norms. [1]

Awareness around intergenerational dynamics is important because it can help us to better understand a person’s potential motivation. While generalizations can be dangerous and certainly don’t apply in every situation, information on intergenerational differences can be useful in helping to understand your students varying learning styles and values. [2]

Click here for some brief information on finding out what generation you are in.

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